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If you are after a big company who does everything, has a wall of sales reps, account managers and a one size fits all solution, then you are in the wrong place. We take the time to find out what matters to you, be it your brand, consumer engagement, or just simply more sales! …And if we don’t think there is a positive ROI, we simply won’t work with you.  

What we do will drive proven results. That is why our clients don’t leave, it’s also why we don’t need to lock you in to those ridiculous contracts. 


What You Get

At Geonet, we realise that every business is different and that often when you are in your business it can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture. We work with our customers to deliver outstanding digital products based on research, not guesswork. Websites that engage and convert potential customers to sale. ROI focussed SEO that yields the right kind of customer. Or consulting to help you better position your business online and empower you with the steps to execute.

All of our methodologies are up to date, safe, and with future growth in mind – building growth, now, and for what your business could be.

Our Services


ROI, not rank, focused SEO. No cheating, nor cheap and nasty strategies here. We do what successful businesses in your space do online to yield real, long lasting results for you.

Web Development

We don’t just build websites, we build websites that drive user engagement. We work with you to create an attractive and functional website, designed to meet your online business objectives.


Too “in” your business to be able to see what you need? Let us help you through the confusion by massaging your business ideas into a functional, executable, digital strategy.

Why Us?

With so many website and SEO providers out there, and such a huge variance when it comes to price, we realise that choosing a digital agency can be a difficult task.

So, why us? We are selective about our clients. We won’t work with you if we can’t earn you significantly more than you spend. Think of it like one dollar out, three dollars in. We don’t work with more clients than we can handle. We are not in the business of burning and churning clients with unrealistic nebular ideas or meaningless charts. We track and prove our worth with real financial returns! To this end, we work with our clients for years, we do not use fixed contracts, we use results to maintain and grow our client relationships.

We are big and established enough to “still be around” (aka, no burn out like a lot of one-man-bands), yet small enough to be able to provide a customised service.

When we get involved in your project, we are committed to your business success, and in a sense, it is like having a digital department in-house. We take the time to understand your business, goals, customers and competition to set you up for, and yield, a positive ROI on our services.

How do we compare to other agencies?

Here is a comparison of some of the frequent complaints we hear about other agencies.


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Company Name

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In (very) short, a series of activities aimed at improving a website’s performance online, relative to competition in the space. The greater the competition level, the greater the efforts required.

Our strategy is two fold:

1. Reducing or eliminating any “friction”, for example, anything that is hurting a website’s performance in Google, as well as anything that is hurting the user experience of a site.

2. Emulating and bridging the gap between your site and your more successful competition, such as adopting some of the elements of their site which are preferable to search engines, or making your site larger (more content) to compete with a larger site.

We are a bit different in that our SEO efforts are first based on establishing the right market position for your brand. Research, lots of it, and ongoing dialogue with you, the client. The SEO we do then compliments this and yields long term cost effective results.

This depends on the means of comparison.

When it comes to different methodolgies of SEO, then it can be said that there are two types: White hat and black hat.

White hat SEO is the methodology that we employ, all above-board, in short doing what real businesses do online. This method generally yield slow but steady results, as well as long term gains, slow as you are seeking to complete the activities that a more successful competitor may have done over years, and it has earned the organic rank because of it.

Black hat SEO can have faster results, but comes with great risk. Again, the theory in this is to emulate what real successful businesses do online, but without the authenticity, and because of this you can be “found out” and penalised by Google.

Content Writing in Action: Case Studies

1. We were engaged by a supplier to the building industry for a digital marketing campaign to increase his business’s visibility in search engines for

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