Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Lead Marketing

You only pay for qualified leads. Simple!

Simply get extra leads without worrying about the capital investment or time required in SEO?!

You simply pay us to make your phone ring with qualified leads!



New Business?

No Extra Work!


Not everyone is comfortable to commit to an SEO campaign. While it is not the answer for every business, the pay per lead model can work for some.


Usually, this marketing strategy works with businesses that offer a product or service with a bigger price tag (rather than those in the low unit profit big volume game). This is simply because people are not willing to “pay for a lead” when the product they are selling in cheap.


Pay per lead, also known as lead generation, as the name suggests means that you pay only for leads that come through us.


We arrange for calls to be redirected to you, and as the calls are recorded, we filter out any wrong numbers, telemarketers and other such illegitimate leads – you only pay for qualified leads, and not any joker that calls!


While converting the call to a sale is up to you, since we record calls, we can help you review how to improve your sales etiquette. We want this to be a mutually beneficial situation. You want more leads, and we want you to stay a customer, after all, we put in a lot of hard work to get you them.


Pay per lead is all about getting the product or service that you offer in front of more potential customers, while you reap the benefits of a return client base (hopefully… that bit is up to you and the experience you give the customer).


Clients range from Surgeons, Plumbers, Product Vendors, to Lawyers (mass torte for example) to name but a few.


Contact us to discuss your marketing goals and whether pay per lead is the right fit for you!